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do you know what is a trafficked minor?

do you know what is a trafficked minor?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kashmir!!!! ooh! Look what they've done to our song, Grand Ma!!

This is Henje from Kashmir! And this is my first hellllloo to you all!
I am the most beautiful girl and I have a really beautiful voice. I'm a rock star and my great great grand ma was a rock star too...we all have beautiful voices ...
So can you imagine how I can't imagine it, but they've DONE it! 'THEY'VE done it' Wow!!!
They've locked up all the voices of Kashmir!!!!!!--(and I'm not taking about locking up the 'separatists').

I'm talking about all the people who live in Kashmir, the one's who lead every day lives!!!

They've LOCKED UP ALL the poets, the painters, the rrtists, the intellectuals and bread makers and grocers, and college and school kids and their parents and their dogs and cats and sheep and the vegetable vendors and the tailors and the chai wallas, and the villagers in villages and EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN KASHMIR? They've locked them all up! Isn't that sooo funny?

And then a whole lot of people from outside Kashmir have arrived there for a dialogue to understand and to resolve the situation. Isn't that soooo funny! Dialogue with whom? Who's voice have they gone there to hear?

Omar Abdullah's? Poor little boy with his confused visage.
Rahul Gandhi says 'Omar is young, and needs time and support'

Oops if he's young he should be back in school! What is he doing playing CM-CM! That too in my Kashmir. Didn't his Daddy-O tell him 'Beta, Kashmir is complex because it is a 5000 year old civilization, and you really need to be erudite!!! You need to have lived the culture, to speak the language, breathe it's breath to KNOW what has gone into the making of Kashmir and Kashmiriyat'

But then if Daddy-O Abduallah knew that himself he would have inculcated that in his son, no?

Here's a little quiz for the Sonny and Daddy-O, and all their buddies who have flown into the Valley:
a) The Kashmiri language is a composite of which ancient languages?
b) What is the meaning of my name, 'Henje'?
c) What is the one ceremony Kashmiri Pandit girls and boys used to undergo which in the rest of India only the boys are initiated into?

Incidentally, watch OA's buddy -Rahul Gandhi speak on the news and notice how many times he uses the word 'Rule' when he refers to the administrative functioning of his and his Mommy's party! He is soooo cute with his beard and trying to look soooo grown up.
"But 'rule' is a bad word in democratic parlance RG! !
I have a whole new dictionary of democratic parlance ---- the Youth congress could begin changing the system by changing the language ---but all that in the next note".

Right now young OA and his buddy RG who is 'batting' for him need to get down to studying their Kashmiri lessons!!!!

P.S : It might help boys, to unlock the intellectuals and the connected- to- the- grass root's- people, like teachers and bakers and artists and cultural academicians, and village panchayts (do you have those in Kashmir?) and sit at their feet in proper shishya-guru parampara style and begin learning your alphabets.

I go now, to practice my music.
More in the morrow!

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